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Indiana Jones and the Raider of the lost ark


Steven Spielberg  

Main Characters:

Harrison Ford  Indiana Jones

Karen Allen  Marion Ravenwood

Paul Freeman Dr.René Belloq

Plot Sumary:

The year is 1936. A professor who studies archeology named Indiana Jones, the
was looking a statue of gold in South America by lucky the achievement escape of a trap mortal.

After the discovered that in a museum named Marcus Brodys poke on a artifact Bible called The Ark of the Covenant and the was in search of it to Nepal and Egypt for find recover and save to the humanity.


Indiana Jones and the Raider of the lost ark is very good series in the history of cinema, is what better that is can see, to my think, the characters impressive as acted and scene all was perfect and would recommend see their other movies.


Reparto (1º Actor) : Alfred Molina

Reparto (2º Actor) : Harrison Ford

Reparto (3º Actor) : John Rhys-Davies

Reparto (4º Actor) : Karen Allen

Reparto (5º Actor) : Paul Freeman

Reparto (6º Actor) : Ronald Lacey

Guionista: George Lucas, Lawrence Kasdan y Philip Kaufman

Productor: Frank Marshall y George Lucas

Musica: John Williams

Fotografía: Douglas Slocombe

Montaje: Michael Kahn y George Lucas

All this made by Cristóbal Vergara


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