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Penguin Chat and Club Penguin Beta

Before Club Penguin was a game called Penguin Chat. This game was created by RocketSnail (Yes, that means Rsnail), but in 2005, closed the site to all visitors to go to Club Penguin.

Penguin Chat was very similar to Club Penguin. But there was Cove, Snow Forts, Stage, or anything else. There was only the Town, which was very similar to today, but there were no chairs or tables outside the Coffee Shop, and some other details. Also snowed in the Town!

There was no way to earn coins. All in Penguin Chat was free. If you tried to go to the left of the Town (which is now the Dock), you would go to an area of snow and nothing else (apart from some details). And if you went to the left, reach a bigger place with a blue sky. There, you could see some penguins at Snow Cats. If you walked back to the left, you would find lots of penguins drilling the ground. If you came back to walk to the left, come back to the town, like a circle.

To change the color, you clicked on the chat bar and then the desired color. There was no map.

The night club was very similar to now. One difference is that now is the DJ3K where was the band playing. Nor had dance challenge.

Now, have you heard someone ask how to become a ninja? Thus began the myth of the ninja. At Club Penguin going to them, but instead, put the secret agents. In Penguin Chat 3 (the latest version of Penguin Chat) when creabas your penguin if you clicked on the N of “Choose a new Penguin.” In the window, appear to choose a ninja penguin. The ninjas had a ninja suit with a sword on his back and if you tried dancing made you invisible (like now). It is possible to become a ninja in Club Penguin.

Could also be a worker. You had to click on the crane hook was the penguins that pierced the ground. If you dance, your penguin taladraría the ground (as now, with the miner hat).

If I go to the Gift Shop (hence the name Gift Shop), you would Rocketsnail page to buy things with real money, such as key chains and stuff.

One day in early summer 2005, the team announced Rocketsnail something called Club Penguin, which is a much better version of Penguin Chat. At the site of Club Penguin only had a logo and said it was under construction. Closed Penguin Chat a few days later, and then closed RocketSnail.

After two months, Club Penguin came out, finally. In October 2005, was the Beta Testing Party, which gave a few hours the Beta Hat.

The Beta Testers had a free month of membership and got 2000 coins. The Beta Beta Testers Hat currently retain.

You can check the archives of the Club Penguin Blog, where there is little information on the launch of Club Penguin. EscucharLeer fonéticamente 


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Indiana Jones and the Raider of the lost ark


Steven Spielberg  

Main Characters:

Harrison Ford  Indiana Jones

Karen Allen  Marion Ravenwood

Paul Freeman Dr.René Belloq

Plot Sumary:

The year is 1936. A professor who studies archeology named Indiana Jones, the
was looking a statue of gold in South America by lucky the achievement escape of a trap mortal.

After the discovered that in a museum named Marcus Brodys poke on a artifact Bible called The Ark of the Covenant and the was in search of it to Nepal and Egypt for find recover and save to the humanity.


Indiana Jones and the Raider of the lost ark is very good series in the history of cinema, is what better that is can see, to my think, the characters impressive as acted and scene all was perfect and would recommend see their other movies.


Reparto (1º Actor) : Alfred Molina

Reparto (2º Actor) : Harrison Ford

Reparto (3º Actor) : John Rhys-Davies

Reparto (4º Actor) : Karen Allen

Reparto (5º Actor) : Paul Freeman

Reparto (6º Actor) : Ronald Lacey

Guionista: George Lucas, Lawrence Kasdan y Philip Kaufman

Productor: Frank Marshall y George Lucas

Musica: John Williams

Fotografía: Douglas Slocombe

Montaje: Michael Kahn y George Lucas

All this made by Cristóbal Vergara

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